Mushrooms Shed Pounds

Mushrooms Shed Pounds

Spring fashion is delicate, light and flowing. Belts, fitted dresses and jackets emphasize the figure. How beautiful that looks. But wear something like that yourself? There are the rolls that conceal sweaters and thick jackets in winter. They would have to disappear before you could wear something like that. But how do you do that? Through iron discipline, strict diets, castigation? This usually has no long-term success.

When starving

The body switches to survival strategy and only burns energy on the back burner. It is better to change your diet carefully but permanently and to largely avoid carbohydrates in the evening. In addition, exercise that is fun: cycling with friends, dancing, playing ball, all of this is fun and has “potential for addiction” in the long run.

Light dishes gradually displace the usual calorie bombs without sacrificing enjoyment. For example, how delicious is a risotto with fresh shiitake mushrooms. The classic bread dumpling with mushroom ragout also delights the palate and is good for your figure, as long as you don’t let the mushrooms swim in cream.

However, risotto and bread dumplings belong on the lunch table, because both provide plenty of carbohydrates. At midday, the body can use them to stay active and energetic. In the evening, when he comes to rest, he doesn’t need them.

Then carbohydrates are even a hindrance to losing weight. As long as they are available, the body does not fall back on its fat reserves. Instead, spoil the palate with delicious aubergines, for example, which are served with a mixture of oyster mushrooms, pieces of tomato, stuffed with red onions and herbs and gratinated with mozzarella, it’s all about the pounds. Because it contains almost no carbohydrates and losing weight overnight is slow, but steady and relaxed.

Mushrooms are considered the secret weapon against excess pounds. 100 g of them contain only 0.3 g of fat and 0.6 g of carbohydrates, or in other words, they only contain 103 kJ (kilojoules) of energy. Even skimmed milk, with its 145 kJ, does not match. Lean meat accounts for 730 kJ, croissants for 1340 kJ and potato chips for even 2100 kJ per 100 g.

Good thing about mushrooms

The good thing about mushrooms is that despite the little energy they provide, they fill you up really well. This is because the stomach and intestines deal with them for a long time. The cell walls of the fungi are made of chitin, the substance that also gives insects their solid armor. This polysaccharide is not so easy to crack.

Therefore, it takes 4 to 6 hours for a mushroom meal to pass through the stomach. As long as the stomach signals to the brain: “I’m still full”. The croissant, on the other hand, has already disappeared from the stomach after 1 to 2 hours, which reports a little later with: “I’m hungry”.

The intestines also have good things to do with the mushrooms. He can’t handle the chitin himself. Its bacterial flora is required. And it works at full speed, producing vitamins and strengthening the immune system. Most people explain that after eating mushrooms, a pleasant feeling spreads through the body.

No cholesterol at all, which is responsible for clogged vessels, few purines, which trigger painful gout attacks, are further plus points of the mushrooms. And the mushrooms also provide the necessary minerals and antioxidants that strengthen health and fitness. So have courage and fight the excess pounds with delicious mushroom meals and enjoyable exercise.